Sunday, 3 February 2013

Literature Review 1 (Draft 2) (P.K.Priyadarshika)

As Bi-Polar disorder causes heavy mood swings, it is difficult for not only the person with Bi-Polar disorder but also the people around them. Bi-Polar disorder can be stabilized through proper treatment, medication and support.
This shows that our research on How to take care of people with Bi-Polar disorder is important.
Some ways we can help someone with Bi-Polar disorder is by Learning about it, Encouraging the person to get help, Being Understanding and Being Patient.
This then again shows us that our effort in creating awareness on how to take care of people with Bi-Polar disorder would help people suffering from this. We would also use this information to show the importance of creating an awareness on Bi-Polar disorder.


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