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Bi-polar Mental Disorder which is also known as manic- depressive illness, is a mood disorder marked by episodes of significant mood changes, ranging from externally elevated(mania) to depressed. The disorder usually first appears during the teenage years or early 20s. Researches have shown that there have been an increasing number of Bi-Polar mental disorde cases. Thus it is very important to educate people on how to take care of people with Bi-Polar Disorder.

More intro

Bipolar Disorder is a brain disorder that produces abnormal swings in an individual’s mood,energy level and ability to function. The mood swings are more severe that the usual highs and lows that people experience and may seriously disrupt a person’s life or even result in suicide. The disorder usually first appears during adolescence or in early adulthood and persists throughout life, although it can often be controlled effectively with medication.

Causes and risk factors

The immediate cause of bipolar disorder is believed to be an abnormality in the chemistry of the brain. The underlying cause of the abnormal brain chemistry has not been clearly identified, although there are many theories highlight the importance of risk factors such as family history of mood disorders or major psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia and environmental factors such as sleep deprivation and major life stresses. Based on current knowledge, the development of bipolar disorder is thought to depend on complex interactions among genetic and environmental factors.

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