Saturday, 2 February 2013

Literature Review 1 (Draft 2) (G.K.Netraa)

This article tells about what should we know about bipolar mental disorder, it effects and treatments for it. This article would help to know more about the people with bipolar mental disorder. We would also know what kind of treatments we should give them.

The article stated that there are both treatments and therapy that could cure a person with bipolar mental disorder. Firstly to find out if a person has bipolar mental disorder, they are diagnosed with a diagnostic exam. They are also medically and physically tested. The way the person answers to the question and the medical examination would determine if the person has bipolar mental disorder. One of the most important element that is tested in the medical examination is for thyroid since it can cause mood swings for mimc bipolar mental disorder. There are also therapies such as interpersonal and social rhythm therapy and family- focused therapy.

From this article, I have learnt more about how to cure a person with bipolar mental diorder. We can apply this into our research as into doing a survey about how many people know about it.


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