Saturday, 2 March 2013

Viva planning

1. What makes a good oral presentation?
We have to talk to the audience instead reading of the slides. We should make eye contact with the audience. We should present the presentation in an organized manner. We should practice main points. We should speak clearly and pause at key points.
2. What makes a poor oral presentation?
Reading of the slides continuously makes a poor presentation. Too much of information makes the audience to become bored which would make a poor oral presentation. Memorising the slides or not clearly knowing the topic would make a poor oral presentation.

3. Oral Presentation - Planning Table

S/N ContentPresenterTime
(About our topic)
(Causes and risk factors)
Netraa1 min
2Approach & Method
(Preparation for our data collection and analysis)
Netraa2 min
3Results and Analysis
(About our results from survey and the information we got from it)
Priya2 min
4Conclusion & Our stand on how to change current situation
(Why it is important, what are we going to do)
Priya3 min
5Predicted Outcome
(Predicted outcome from our research and improvements)
Zhen Haw2 min
(Answering questions from the audience)
All2 min

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  1. Good work! Can try to elaborate on the "content" column of the planning table next. Keep it up!