Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Research justification

Research Topic: Health

Chosen Area of focus: What are the behaviour and what kind of knowledge should we have about people with Bipolar Mental Disorder

1. Framing our research topic

Our chosen area of focus is ‘’The current and future researches on Bipolar Mental Disorder’’. We have chosen this topic because there are very few cures for Bipolar Mental disorder and we want to find out if there is any other cure or what are the current cures for Bipolar Mental Disorder. Bipolar Mental Disorder is a manic-depressive illness. It causes serious shifts in mood. Bipolar Mental Disorder tends to get worse without treatment. To find out if a person has Bipolar Mental Disorder, we have to know the symptoms.

a) The symptoms for Bipolar Mental disorder is racing thoughts, being restless, irritable, thinking of death or suicide, having unrealistic belief in one’s abilities, sleeping little, being easily distracted, anger, delusion, hallucination, grandiosity, euphoria, trauma, sudden change of feelings. These are some symptoms of Bipolar Mental Disorder. Some of the symptoms can lead to dangerous things such as them hurting their loved ones or random people whom they just met on the street.

b) We can help someone who has Bipolar Disorder by getting the right diagnosis and treatment. We can give them emotional support, understanding and encouragement. We must understand their feelings as sometimes they might get too angry or too depressed. We must always make them be happy by making them participate in outdoor activities. If they get depressed, try to make them as happy as possible as they might have suicidal thoughts. Always remind a person with Bipolar Disorder that with time and treatment they can get better. A person with Bipolar Disorder should not be left alone as they might cause danger to the society.

2. Reasons for choice of topic

a) We have chosen this topic as not many people know about the future treatments for Bipolar Mental Disorder and this would beneficial as they might be able to cure a person with Bipolar Mental Disorder.

b) This topic has a need for research as it allows us to find if there any current or future treatments for people with Bipolar Mental Disorder.

c) This topic would benefit people with Bipolar Mental Disorder because the cure might prevent their mental disorder from getting to greater extent such as committing suicide.

3. Feasibility of the research

a) There is a need for our research as many people do not know about the cure and researches of Bipolar Mental Disorder. Hence, when people know about it they might be more cautious of what to do with a person who has Bipolar Mental Disorder.

b) This research is possible to do as we can interview people or do a survey on how many people know about Bipolar Mental disorder. We can even ask people who had an experience of having Bipolar Mental disorder.

c) This research is logical and realistic because it is a very important research and this research might help a lot of people to know about the treatments for Bipolar Mental Disorder.
d) The research provides sufficient opportunities for generation of ideas along the process, as there is a lot of research to be done and many creative would be asked along the way.

4. Manageability of the research
a) The time needed for our research would be about 3 to 4 weeks because we will have to interview some people and we might need to get appointments and the difficulties we might oversee would be sometimes we might not get the appointment at the time we need it. But as long as we are on track, everything would go fine.

b) This research needs a lot of group work and everyone has to work cooperatively. Sometimes one person might not cooperate with one another. This might lead to a problem. So we intend to overcome the difficulties by working together as a team. When we have to do group work, we decided to input all our findings in the google doc so that everybody can see each other’s comments and thoughts.

c) The resources needed for our research is interview for information, surveys, internet for research.

5. Accessibility of the information required

a)The Information that we need is not very accessible due to the fact that our research is more about the current and future treatments. Thus we would have to interview several psychologists. Sometimes we might not be given a authority to interview psychologists so that would be a difficulty. We can overcome this difficulty by explaining to them our purpose.

b) We are going to first know the recent researches and treatments for Bipolar Disorder and then we are going to get the information on the future researches and treatments for Bipolar Disorder. By this, we can find out the future treatments and this might be very useful for people who have this Disorder.

c) We are going to do a survey, on how many people know about the treatments for Bipolar Disorder. From that, we can identify how we can start our research.

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